Executive Coaching for Health – Part 3 – Advanced Skills


You will be able to use this website to access learning materials, uploaded course work including a case study, submit coaching logs.

In Advanced Skills participants will build on the skills developed in Part 2 and broaden out their skills across specific health challenges. Participants will deepen their study of the components of the programme and skills development leading to a powerful confidence that will enable them to tackle the most challenging coaching assignments.
Coaches are encouraged and supported to develop a specialised executive coaching practice including health, recovery, wellness and performance.
This module encompasses supervised skills practice, group supervision masterclasses, reflective practice, case study work and small group supervision / mentoring.
There is also a requirement to complete 60 practice hours staggered throughout the module to practice your skills

Duration of Part 3
Part 3 takes place over 26 consecutive weeks with live facilitated masterclasses taking place weekly. Total learning hours: 72

12 online live group supervision masterclasses of 2 hours each: 24 hrs
12 online facilitated skills practice learning labs of 2 hours each: 24 hrs
Small group supervision / mentoring: 12 hrs
Case study and reflective practice: 12 hrs
Required practice coaching hours for completion: 60 hours

Part 3 is completed once participants have passed a live oral exam (taking place via phone or online) and have submitted their case study which has been satisfactorily evaluated by course supervisors.
On completion of Part 3 you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ as well as Certification by the International Recovery and Wellness Coach Certification Board (IRWCCB)

How to take this course?

If you have completed Part 2 – Skills (a requirement) and are already enrolled then please continue by selecting the Introduction Module below and follow the instructions given there.

If you would like to enroll please contact us via this page here.

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