Executive Coaching for Health – Part 2 – Skills


You will be able to use this website to access learning materials, upload coaching session recording and coaching logs.

In this skills lab you will be taking part in ten live facilitated skills masterclasses. Participants will be able to practice and develop their skills and competency as it relates to including health, recovery and  wellness within the executive coaching role.

Each two hour masterclass will focus  on the actual skills related to each topic set out below.

Skills Masterclass Topics
1. Building on professional body core competencies
2. Contracting / Coaching agreement and Design
3. Practicing Self-management
4. Using the Meaning Centred Coaching Model
5. Working with Emotions
6. Coaching with clients Motivation
7. Awareness and use of language
8. Managing referring to and working with  multi-disciplinary teams
9. Working with relationships and systems
10. Best Practice & Ethics

Duration of Part 2: Part 2 takes place over 12 consecutive weeks with live  facilitated masterclasses taking place weekly.

Total learning hours: 20

Required practice coaching hours for completion: 20 hours

Completion: Part 2 is completed once participants have submitted  recorded coaching sessions and they have been satisfactorily evaluated by course supervisors.

How to take this course?

If you have completed Part 1 – Theory ( a requirement ) and are already enroled then please continue by selecting the Introduction Module below and follw the instructions given there.

If you need to enrol please conatct us via this page here.